Episode Twenty-two – The Adventures of Coy and Vance

September 27, 2008 – 1:02 pm

10 points for anyone that gets that reference. This week our new co-host debuts, kind of. We’ve got a new intern that I’ll apologize in advance for. Still a little behind, time wise, but at least this one is fresh. We recorded Thursday night, Friday I got Chaos together and am uploading this bright and early Saturday morning. Hopefully we’ll get back to our regular schedule soon.

  1. 2 Responses to “Episode Twenty-two – The Adventures of Coy and Vance”

  2. So, would you call Coy and Vance the good Duke boys or the bad Duke boys Rob?

    The world would like to know.

    By Justin on Sep 27, 2008

  3. They were inferior posers that weren’t worthy to even ride in the General Lee, let alone drive it.

    By Rob on Sep 27, 2008

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