Episode Fourteen – That Guy’s a Douche

June 22, 2008 – 4:27 pm

We’ve got our first female on the show, unless you count McNasty. Speaking of McNasty, he couldn’t be bothered to show up this week, so Chamelion takes over cohosting duties for tonight. I believe that this is the second longest episode yet, plus there is even an outtake at the end! We have tons of listener feedback to talk about, a song by Blood Corps makes an appearance, and the triumphant return of the technical difficulties music! What more can you ask for in something that you didn’t pay a damn dime for?

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Remember that bit last week where I said I was submitting to iTunes? Yeah, I did that.

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Show Notes

  • Rampage and Chaos recaps
  • Rampage and Chaos plus Farewell to Arms previews
  • Special guest: Psycho Sandra


  • Intro Music: Lovefool by the Cardigans
  • 1st Break: Pleasure (Pleasure) by Bang Camaro
  • 2nd Break: No Rain by Blind Melon
  • 3rd Break: Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden
  • 4th Break: Into the Unknown by Blood Corps
  • 5th Break: Here it Goes Again by OK Go
  • 6th Break: Here Comes Your Man by the Pixies
  • Outro Music: Shadow of the Season by Screaming Trees
  1. 9 Responses to “Episode Fourteen – That Guy’s a Douche”

  2. Yes Rob, you dubbed Scar your new Kyle Stevenson either last week or the week before.

    By McNasty on Jun 22, 2008

  3. Y’know, outside of her total ignorance of anything that doesn’t fall in the orbit of Planet Sandra, she’s pretty entertaining, which makes her a fuckton of a better person for this show than both Rob and McNasty combined. I actually managed to make it through the show this week without dozing off…

    Now, here’s a NEW feature to the section. This all totally because I’m sick of mentioning you queef-munchers in my promos, so let me just go ahead and review the whole fucking show.

    Riona Langly’s PWA Radio Rant: Episode 14: That Guy’s a Douche. Though, the other one’s an Uncle Fucker.

    -First of all, you gave 20 minutes to Chaos and didn’t even to bother reviewing the Match of the Week with more than a few fucking seconds of joking? I’d like to see both of you pieces of shit get into the ring with a guy almost a foot and a half taller than you and outweighing you by 210 pounds and see how any of you do. Yeah, smoke that. Also, can I comment that the O’Connor boys are like, the least Irish looking Irish bastards I’ve ever seen? I mean, they look like those two albino fuckers from that piece of shit second Matrix movie. That’s not Irish at all.
    -Rampage review… um. Boring as fuck, just like the episode was. The best thing last week was all the chaos after matches. I loved the interlocking midcard and main event segments, they made me laugh my fucking ass off. We need more of that these days, because without me on the show, Rampage was just bland.
    -Previews: Yeah, still boring. Though, I wonder how fucking obvious Chamelion could be in talking about my opponent at A Farewell To Arms. Gee… Nightmare’s looking to get a virus, and you assrammers always call me The Virus, despite the fact that the name is being used by that traitorous pissant Matthew Engel. Gee, you’re going to have me fight him. Which also begs this question… how the hell would you know anything, you’re not in charge anymore. Also, that buckets of blood match would be cool. I’d be there front row with a tub of popcorn to see McNasty and Pheonix kill each other. Then, I’d stroll into the ring and take a piss on thier corpses just to show how little I fucking care about those douches.
    -Sandra’s Interview: Well, I was listening to this, and right into it, Sandra made me think of something to put here. Trust me dear, I’m going to be the NEXT woman to be the PWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. Still, it’s far more interesting to have someone entertaining like Sandra on the show rather than a boring cunt like SNS. As some of the really stupid people reading this online would say here… MOAR SANDRA PLZ? K THX BAI. But yeah, she’s interesting… Maybe when I feel like spending 2 hours committing suicide by going on the show, she could be there to at least make it through the pain.
    -Feedback: First of all, I’m not teaming up with the dumb-ass Southern Hick Bean. Nothing against southerners, since I’m the maid of honor in one’s wedding later this summer, but still, Bean’s just about the bloodiest dumb fuck southerner since Dubya. Anyhow, I appreciate the nods to my dominance, but overall Rob, you’re still the son of a crackwhore… and your mom.

    Overall: This was the least painful episode of PWA Radio since that 30 minute episode a couple weeks ago. Sandra, thank you. Chamelion, you get a bye for at least following everything. Rob, I’d say screw you but the very implications of that act make me wretch more than Nicole Richie at a buffet. So, let’s just say that you’re an arsehole, and hopefully you somehow lose your voice so I can enjoy the silence.

    -YOUR PWA Grizzly Beer Champion
    Riona Evelyn Langly

    By Riona Langly on Jun 22, 2008

  4. Wow, I hate to say it, but McNasty actually proved useful.

    By Rob on Jun 23, 2008

  5. There were three ‘best’ things about episode 14 of PWA Radio; #1, Sandra! #2, the most Rob has ever been left speechless in one episode, and #3; No McNasty!

    Everyone says “MORE SANDRA!” and I join that band wagon! Maybe I’ll just bring her with me every week from now on :)

    By Chamelion on Jun 23, 2008

  6. As long as she uses microphone #2, she’s welcome back anytime.

    By Rob on Jun 23, 2008

  7. Yay, I get a cookie

    By McNasty on Jun 24, 2008

  8. Fair enough, but it has to be an Oreo that I’ve already licked the middle out of.

    By Rob on Jun 24, 2008

  9. On a side note…how do you munch a queef?

    By McNasty on Jun 25, 2008

  10. To Riona, go your scank ass to Kroger, get some of that cleaner and clean your scank ass. Secondly, their is a ream for those rashes you have every time you piss. Thirdly, it is just nasty to be sitting beside you and hear you scratchyourself and then sniff your fingers. Hell, it has to smell like a dead buffalo that has been laying out in te Georgia heat for 3 damn days. Take a bath, clean your vagina, put some damn perfume or something else down to cover up that damn stench. Geeze, if you had been in the stdio the other day, I could have found my way into the recording area with no problem, just used my nose. Riona, we all know that you stuff is something Mr. Clean won’t even touch, something that Ajax can’t get off. In the fture, shut your mouth and your legs, the stench pouring forth from both holes, is unbearable.

    By Bean on Jun 27, 2008

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